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Here’s the 2012 Happy Camper’s Best Christmas Camp Gifts. This annual video segment has become a Christmas tradition for the gang at Birchbark Media – like decorating the tree or spic’n egg nog. We filmed the segment at the local outdoor store in Peterborough, Wildrock Outfitters. It’s a great store and they’re good friends with Kevin. Here are the top items selling this year.

1. Petzl Headlamp – changes the intensity of light automatically
Petzl Headlamp

2. Skhoop skirt – keeps your buttocks warm and the skirt is easily removable
Skhoop skirt

3. Exped Dreamwalker sleeping system – it’s a cozy sleeping bag that fits like a snuggie

4. Canada Goose clothing – amazing expedition style jackets and hats, made in Canada.
Canada Goose

5. Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern – no need for batteries, this product charges from the sun or you can crank up the power on your own
Goal Zero Lantern

6. Helinox – this camp chair is awesome – light weight durable and one of the best selling chairs this Christmas
Camp Chair

7. Next…the Darkfin Gloves -these are just weird (but they’re a top seller)

Darkfin Gloves


8. What's a Biolite Stove? - It seems everyone is talking about this thing. The stove runs on small sticks, pine cones, etc. and burning the fuel creates power for your i-pod or i-phone. 
Biolite Stove 

9. InReach
- This is new this year and its similar to the SPOT satellite message system I've shown before - but the new thing is that someone at home can send you a message while you're in the woods as well. 
10. GlobalStar Satellite Phone - giving someone a gift certificate for a phone rental for their next trip would be awesome


Satellite Phone


11. This doesn't even sound like a camping accessory...Chota Hippies? - weird looking boots that I tried out this year - they work amazing (but look very nerdy - we can have fun with this one as well).
chota hippies

12. Let's finish with the Traditional Northern Made Anorak...
- a canvas pull-over for winter trekking where a northern company makes the product that includes coyote fur but uses fur from places like Valley Village - that's somewhat environmentally cool and a refreshing twist.
Lure of the North

13. Canada Pooch jacket - imagine my dog wearing this thing during winter camping 
Canada Pooch 


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