Ep2: Choosing a Sleeping Bag 0

How to Pick the Right Sleeping Bag

Not all sleeping bags are the same and not all are sized the same.  Go to the store dressed in what you’d usually sleep in while camping.

Same as backpacks or pfds; you should try them on first before you buy.

Climb in as many bags as you can at the store and test out length and volume for length, you want space but not too much that you need to heat the extra space with your precious body heat but not too little that you feel cramped and have exposed shoulders.

Choosing a Sleeping BagTest the zipper out and see if it snags or not – nasty stuff if it does. Put hoody on and see if things like nearby velcro strips don’t scratch your face and that you can easily reach the draw strings are you a back sleeper or side sleeper or both – can you rotate easily enough in the bag to change your desired sleeping position.

Making Your Bag More Comfortable

To rid the sleeping bag of that clammy feeling when you crawl in, insert a home-made liner. Simply fold a regular cotton, fleece or even silk bed sheet in half, sew the bottom and half way up the open side. Insert the liner with the half-sewn side towards the zipper. The extra weight is minimal and the liner adds extra warmth for early and late season camping. It can also be easily removed for cleaning.


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