Ep2- Black Bear Encounters 0

“How do you handle a black bear encounter?”.  This is the most asked question.  It’s also the most difficult to answer.  There are just too many variables to consider.  But in a perfect scenario this is what you should do:  First, never run.  Running away may trigger a prey/predator response, and a black bear can outrun the best Olympian athlete.  You could climb a tree, but black bears are also extremely good at climbing.  It’s best to stay put and assess the situation.

Black Bear EncountersIf you stay put the bear may eventually move on and the encounter becomes a more enjoyable experience.  But what if it charges you instead?  Well, in most circumstances the bear is faking it.  But you wouldn’t know the difference between a real charge and a pretend one.  So the next move is to sex it before you make your move.  If it’s a male bear than a mild aggression technique may work (making lots of noise and standing erect, waving your arms in the air).  It’s rare, but male bears have been known to stalk and hunt humans for food and the only way to protect yourself against a predacious black bear, or a bear protecting food, is to fight back.  Really right back.  However, if you try to be aggressive with a female, especially one with clubs, then she is most likely to attack in defense.  You’re best to walk away very slowly and calmly and remove the stress from the bear.

Bear Proofing Your Campsite

Food odors while cooking in camp is an important issue.   Always make sure to cook well away from your tent.  Never keep ANYTHING in your tent that will attract a bear.  They have been known to come into tents to steal a bottle of water or munch on a stick of deodorant.  You should also consider not cooking with strong smelling foods (the main ingredient places in bear traps is cooked bacon, sardines, and vanilla extract).


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