Ep1: Baking Bannock- A Classic Camp Recipe 0

Baking such things as bread, brownies or bannock on a trip does a lot for me personally. The act is beyond just making things that taste awfully good. And yes, baking while on a trip does ad an incredible amount of flavor to group dynamics, even a significant moral booster at times. But eating well and making friends are not the major reasons I do it. I bake to relax. The act itself seems to unwind the tensions of the day – both physical and mental – like no other. It always has, but it’s not until recently I figured out why.

It comes down to the simple fact that there are two types of camp chefs: cooks and bakers. Well, there’s also the ones who can’t do either and just boil up mush to make more miles but that’s a different subject all together. Cooks are the right-brain types, ones who put thought and passion to the ingredients while they are in the process of cooking. Bakers are the left-brain types, the ones who put all there enthusiasm into the creation of what they are about to cook. I compare my art of baking to pottery. I have more fun forming what’s going to be placed in the oven and anticipate its unusual but always unique outcome. Baking things like pre-mix brownie mix or carrot cake is a good primer but baking basic bannock is the ultimate. Give this recipe a try:



½ cup white flour

½ cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp. baking powder

3 Tbs. powdered milk

½ tsp. salt


Mix all dry ingredients and add water SLOWLY until dough is slightly sticky. Separate into 3-4 patties and bake (or fry) in an oiled pan over moderate heat until both sides are a golden brown.

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