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My mother always said that change was good. Of course, I think she was referring to the changing of my underwear or socks. But Iʼve taken her advice in relation to spreading my enthusiasm and knowledge of camping and the outdoors. My normal method was through writing books and magazine articles, which I continue to do. My new project, however, is this video website, presenting multiple episodes on ways to be a “happy camper.”

Itʼs very exciting, not only because I get to run around playing in the woods and be goofy on camera, but because I get to share my experience with you like never before. Promoting the reasons for people to continue going out into the wilderness – so they will freely accept the responsibility of saving whatʼs left of our natural world. Quite honestly, Iʼve never been happier; except maybe after changing my socks and underwear. Thatʼs pretty darn cool as well.

~ Kevin Callan

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